How Alkaram Studio boosted Website Engagement by 18% with ConvertWise!

Lately, Shoppers at Alkaram Studio Don’t Quit Till They Buy!

Visitors who land on our website through ads, see carousels of similar items tailored to their interests. ConvertWise’s AI-based recommendations are awesome for this. This makes every shopper’s website experience very seamless, and accelerates conversions; providing our shoppers with a faster and more satisfying buying journey.

Muneeb Tasneem, Digital Marketing Manager, Alkaram Studio

Some context:

Alkaram is a fashion retailer brand based in Pakistan. The brand houses fabrics & ready-to-wear apparel for women, and also has a section for men’s assortment. Alkaram has about 65 stores across the nation.

It’s been a little over a year since Alkaram launched its Shopify website in 2023, and the studio has ambitious plans to generate revenue from the site. Currently, they conduct about 30% of their sales online and are eager to increase this to 50%.

Nida who heads digital eCommerce for Alkaram is super enthusiastic about boosting revenue through the website in the coming years. Sachi from ConvertWise gets this vision & has clear ideas on how to scale this. Their friendship goes way back.

Nida’s always excited to be the first ones to try ConvertWise’s features & we love her for it.


  1. Suggest products that resonate with the audience
  2. Create a user-friendly & personalized buying experience
  3. Generate better revenue from the website

The What & How:

Given the quality of fabric & variety of apparel Alkaram offers, it’s only natural for them to want their website visitors to enjoy a personalized shopping experience online.

To make this happen, Alkaram & ConvertWise did the following:

  1. AI-based recommendations
    ConvertWise’s AI-based recommendations track visitors’ behavior on the website & suggest personalized products. 12% of the entire Alkaram audience likes these suggestions & some have bought from
  2. Most Popular
    If you want to increase the cart value, there’s nothing like showing best sellers and trending products to confused shoppers. Exhibiting social proof is always a good idea. And Alkaram did this right. Again, 12% of the website audience has clicked on these most popular items resulting in better conversions. 
  3. Recently Viewed
    Every website suffers from the drop-off disease; only some exercise cure. Alkaram did, and they did alright! ConvertWise’s Recently Viewed helped the brand show shoppers they’d forgotten on the way to purchase. Up to 20% of shoppers clicked on these items.
  4. Advanced CSS StylingOf course, we wanted to make sure that none of these widgets look like a misfit on Alkaram’s Website. We loved helping Alkaram’s team to custom design the widgets for their website with CSS styling. They blended perfectly well with their website.


  1. Alkaram saw a 20% click-through rate on product suggestions by ConvertWise
  2. ConvertWise drove 32% of total orders for the brand

What’s coming next?

Alkaram is always eager to explore new personalization features; here’s what they’re experimenting with

  • Personalized Banners: With these banners, Alkaram personalizes its web pages for targeted segments to offer discounts, release new collections, and more. Alkaram is also displaying custom banners to shoppers who return to the website after leaving items in their carts through retargeting ads.

”The personalized banners are great. Before, our video ads would display certain products, but when customers visited the website, they’d see something different—no connection between the two. Now, with these banners and wildcard carousels, we can showcase the exact products featured in the video ads. It creates a smooth, uninterrupted journey for our buyers.”

Muneeb Tasneem, Digital Marketing Manager, Alkaram Studio


  • Wild Card: Alkaram is finding it helpful to test hand-picked collections on specific audience segments & gauge responses.

”We’re very transparent, strongly receptive to feedback, pro-active in our support. This has helped us create an amazing relationship with Alkaram, and we can’t wait to recreate this with many more merchants.”
Apurva Chawla, Director of ConvertWise

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