PlanToys personalizes toy recommendations for kids, 43% of orders driven by ConvertWise

PlanToys, a Thai-based toy company with over 40 years of experience, crafts eco-friendly toys hoping kids understand the importance of living green right from the start.

In 1981, Vitool Viraponsavan started PlanToys, which now sells across the US, Thailand, Europe & Canada. They aimed to boost revenue from their online Shopify store, and the natural next step for them was – website personalization. This is where ConvertWise met PlanToys!

The What & How?

“At PlanToys, all toys are thoughtfully crafted to activate different areas of child development based on the child’s interests. The last thing the brand needed was to bombard all collections to visitors who were looking to buy something for a 6-month-old. Personalizing the visitor’s website experience based on browsing patterns was the way to go. Trying ConvertWise’s features seemed like an obvious choice, and it’s been glad we did.”

Nan Chantaraprapa, Manager at Plan Creations Co., Ltd

Here’s what the teams did:

Frequently Bought Together:

Let’s say someone browsed through Plantoy’s online store and clicked on this drum, they’d also see other frequently bought together items. 9**% of people clicked these products & 4% of them bought the toys!

Frequently Bought Together

AI-based recommendations:

PlanToys displayed personalized recommendations on both product & cart pages on their website. These performed amazingly well. More than 10% of people clicked on these toys & a whopping 16% bought from them!

Most Popular:

FOMO always works. PlanToys showed popular items bought on their home page. 10% of people clicked on these toys!

Best Sellers

CSS Styling:

This has become a non-negotiable for ConvertWise. We make sure our product widgets fit well on all of our client’s websites.

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You Know What?

🤫 Product Recommendations with Personalized Titles get even better conversions!

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