Why Personalize your website?

Stop and evaluate. Before spending more money on getting more visitors to your store, convert the ones that are already on your website.

Increase Conversion Rate

We have delivered 150% uplift in conversion rates just by using relevant website personalization features in e-commerce stores.

Increase AOV

Increase AOV

Showing relevant product recommendations to certain segments of your website visitors can uplift your AOV upto 20%.

Curated Personalization features to increase sales from Day 1.

All with zero code and ready to launch templates.

  • Dynamic Hero Banner
    Show unique banner to different segments of visitors to increase their chances of conversion. Make the best use of New User dscounts or geo-specific catalogues
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
    On-site reminder to complete the purchase while they're browsing on your store.
  • Frequently Bought Together
    Increase AOV by pairing products that sell better together.
  • AI-based Recommendation
    AI based Recommendations
    Show data-backed recommendations to enable better product discovery..
  • Most Popular
    Most Popular
    Use this section to show your Most Viewed or Most Bought products. Choose if you want to show this to all your visitors or particular segments.
  • Recently Viewed
    Recently Viewed
    Add Recently Viewed products on any page type to revive interest.
  • Wild Card
    Wild Card
    Launch new collection, test products, or show ANY products to ANY segment on ANY page
AI based Recommendations
Most Popular
Recently Viewed
Wild Card

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I sign up for this?

    Sign up by filling the form for Privileged Access. We will reach out to you with a link to install the app and you can get started for Free!

  • What is Privileged Access?

    With Privileged Access, you get to start using ConvertWise for Free. Once you become a Privileged Access member, you never get off the list. This means that you will get lifetime first access to all our features, free customer support, and access to our product team who will make it their mission to increase your sales.

  • Is it really free?

    Yes, absolutely. Since we're new, we haven't put a price on this yet. Till then, you can do as much personalization on your store as you want completely free. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • How will this app help my business?

    Personalizing your website is the most non-intrusive way of delighting your customers and nudging them to buy more from you. We have carefully curated some of the most effective and easy to use personalization features that are guaranteed to increase your sales. You will be able to measure this by your conversion rate uplift and revenue generated via ConvertWise in your campaign analytics on the app.

  • Will all the features be unlocked for me or do I need to pay?

    All features will be unlocked for you right now. You donโ€™t need to pay anything until we put a price tag. 

  • Is Customer Support available?

    For you, our privileged member, YES. We are offering 24x7 customer support to your brand for life. In addition to this, our product and growth teams will dedicatedly assist you for the first 6 months to help you use the product well and maximize your sales.

  • What is ConvertWise?

    ConvertWise is a Shopify App built by WebEngage.  It's an easy to use, zero code, website personalization tool for early stage D2C brands to increase their Conversion Rates and AOV. 
    If you aren't a brand that's built on Shopify, you're probably on the wrong website and you should checkout WebEngage.com ๐Ÿ˜

A big 'thank you' to our customers for always motivating us to break new grounds.


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